What is a Signature & Name Affidavit? Why does it need to be Notarized?


What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a sworn statement affirmed and declared by the executor of the statement under oath as to the correctness of the contents embodied therein.

What is a Name & Signature Affidavit?

The signature affidavit is a document where you may use all of your title variants. This is sometimes very helpful if you sign the other documents with different or varied versions of our signature, such as by adding or subtracting a middle first or signing with a maiden name. The signature affidavit is a document that sometimes takes a sworn oath.

Why Should You Get it Notarized?

Many times, it has been observed that the names on the documents do not correspond to the name on a signer’s identification, or to the way their name is written on the title. The signature and name affidavit permit you to sign any of the name variants and therefore it needs to be notarized. But if the name variation is considerably different from what’s on their identification documents like a driver’s license or passport and so on, then the notary public might not have the ability to notarize their signatures.

It is essential that you get a signature and name affidavit notarized in Oregon from any of nearest place be it in Portland, Beaverton or Hillsboro so as to enable the ease of signing documents with every variant of your name. You can choose from many of the best notarization services available in Oregon to do so.

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