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Our office is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon and with established and qualified notaries we provide services throughout Oregon & Washington


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A notary public is a person legally authorized by a state government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document.


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Trustworthy Mobile Public Notary & Witness Services in Oregon & Washington

The need for notarization services can come up out of nowhere, and sometimes, you need a witness with it. When that time comes, you can count Pac Signing Notary to be there for both notary and witness services.

There are all sorts of documents that need official notarization to be seen as authentic. These documents include medical documents, wills and testaments, Power of Attorney, affidavits, deeds, property documents, and more. Wills, among other documents, require witnessing as well. Explore our Translation Services at PacSigning.

Getting notarization services, though, can be a hassle. Especially when you are busy and can’t take the time out of your day. That is why you can rely on Pac Signing Notary. We are a notary signing company in Oregon, and we provide public notary and witness services across different areas in Oregon & Washington.

Many people have already used and relied on our notary signing and witness services. With us, you don’t have to endure the hassle of finding a public notary service. Just give us a call, and we will be there as quickly as we can.


Save time and increase efficiency by having us come to you. Our mobile notary public will come to your doorstep to provide notarization.

Form I-9 Verification

i9 Verification of the Employment Eligibility and Verification form is offered. You can get such forms verified from us.



General notarization services for verification of affidavits, wills and testaments, Power of Attorney, and more are offered.



Fingerprint services are offered for the convenience of our clients and for biometric verification of identity.



A apostille is a type of notarization services that is used to certify the authenticity of documents for international use.


Real Estate Notary

Verification and notarization of documents related to real estates, such as deeds, leases, titles, and more are offered.

A Look Into Notary Services

Why You Might Need a Notary Public in Oregon & Washington?

Making a legal document official and getting it verified is the main reason that people hire a notary public. There are certain documents, which can be of many natures, that need to be verified and made official. Then there are documents that need a witness present. In any case, Pac Signing Notary is here to solve your notary and witness requirements in no time.

Here are a few reasons why you might hire a notary public in Oregon & Washington:

Real Estate Dealing:

When you are finalizing the deal of your home, whether you are getting one or selling one, the real estate documents involved need to be authenticated and verified. Their deal is required to make those documents official. And if you are exchanging land, then a notary is also needed for verification.

Making Legal Statements Official:

There are documents such as “sworn statements” and affidavits. These legal documents need to be notarized by a notary public before submission. If you don’t notarize documents like this, they won’t be admissible in court.

Planning a Will and Testament:

In the event of death, people have a document known as a will and testament written in advance. This document decides upon the division of all property and assets that the person owned and to whom those assets would go. This document is very important, and to maintain its validity after one’s death, a notary needs to witness and notarize this document.

mobile notary public services

Notarization At Your Fingertips

Advantages of Hiring a Notary Signing Company in Oregon & Washington

Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring a notary and witness service in Oregon & Washington

Fraud Prevention

If a notary is present at the time when the documents are being signed, then there is no chance of there being any sort of fraudulent activities occurring. That is because of how the notarization process works. First, the notary will ask for proof of identification. Then they will ensure that the documents being signed are original and that there is nothing wrong with their content. Finally, the notary will make sure that neither party is being forced to sign their side of the documentation under any sort of duress.

The Flexibility of Time

Going to a notary service has an issue where they are only available between certain hours. But the need for a notary can rise anytime. Especially when it is an emergency. So, with Pac Signing Notary, you can have a notary on your doorstep. Whatever your schedule is, they will be able to adjust to that.

Convenience and Availability

There are a lot of notaries, but outside of big cities, it can be a bit difficult to find one. And especially one that is good and is available on your schedule. That is where Pac Signing Notary comes in. Our notary service is the solution. So, all you need to do is select your location in Oregon & Washington, and our notary public will be dispatched to arrive wherever you are.

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