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Pac Signing Notary offers reliable i-9 form document verification services or remote i9 verification services  to help employers to verify their employees’ records and establish their legal eligibility to work in the United States of America.

What is i9 verification

The i-9 is a form used to verify the identity and work eligibility of employees in the United States. All U.S. employers must complete and retain an i-9 form for each employee hired after November 6, 1986. 

The purpose of the i-9 verification process is to ensure employers are hiring employees who are legally authorized to work in the U.S. It requires both the employer and employee to review documents that establish the employee’s identity and employment authorization.

During i-9 verification, the employer examines documents provided by the employee that show their identity and eligibility and records document information on the i-9 form. The employee must complete Section 1 of the i-9 at the time of hire. The employer completes Section 2 within 3 business days of the start date.

How long does i9 verification take?

There are several factors depending upon how long the i9 verification takes. 24 to 48 hours are required or needed to complete the process of i-9 verification. The section 2 of form i-9 is required for the employers to complete this within 2 to 3 days. Prompt submission of papers speeds up the verification process. The main benefit of i-9 verification is to make this process quick and fast. With the pacsigning you can complete the process within 1 to 2 days. 

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Most Common Types Of Documents That Need For UPS i-9 Verification


U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card

Our i-9 notary verification experts verify the authenticity of the individual’s passport or passport card (also called Green Card) and U.S. legal citizenship.


Permanent Resident Card

Our i-9 verification professionals verify the authenticity of the individual’s permanent resident to ensure that the new hire has the permanent authorization to work in the country.

Foreign Passport

Our i-9 verification experts verify the authenticity of a foreign passport containing the same name as the passport, endorsing the individual’s nonimmigrant status and work authorization.


Employment Authorization Document Card

Our notary experts verify the authenticity of this document of qualifying foreign nationals to verify their eligibility to get employed in the United States.


U.S. Social Card

Our notary experts verify the authenticity of this card whether the individual lives in the USA. It acts as an identification source needed for employers.

Original or Certified Copy Of A Birth Certificate

Our i-9 verification service verifies the authenticity of the certified birth certificate issued by the state or the municipal authority or outlying the U.S. territory bearing an official seal.

i-9 Verification In Oregon Made Simple

Make Everything Easier With i9 verification locations in Oregon

Some employers may come across certain complex aspects of employment authorization, such as combination documents. However, our reliable i-9 verification company in Oregon can ensure the accuracy rates, as they are experienced in completing Form i-9 properly.

An employer or an authorized representative is obliged to complete Section 2 of Form i-9. Completing the form may become hectic when they have other commitments to fulfill on time. Fortunately, our professional i-9 online verification service in Oregon alleviates that burden by assisting them in completing their Form i-9.

When hiring multiple new candidates, the pressure can mount on employers or their HR managers. So, contacting a reliable i9 online verification service in Oregon to complete the forms correctly is only a wise decision. This way, employers and other internal resources feel relaxed and focus on other things.

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i9 Verification Process

Provision of timely, accurate, and secure i-9 verification is the ultimate aim of Pac Signing Notary. Our i-9 verification experts ensure the absolute accuracy level of the documents they verify.

What can be used for i9 verification?

  • Passports and passport cards
  • Permanent resident card or receipt for alien registration
  • Foreign national identification card
  • A picture is included on the employment authorization paper.
  • Possession of a driver’s license or ID card issued by a state, or possession of a United States 
  • ID card issued by federal, state, or local government entities
  • Voter registration card with a picture School ID card
  • Military ID or draft registration card from the United States

i9 Remote Verification

i9 Remote Verification allows employers to efficiently complete the Form i-9 verification process for new hires remotely. With this online solution, new employees can verify their identity and employment authorization documentation from their location using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Everything is accessible online for easy monitoring and compliance. i9 Remote Verification makes new hire onboarding smooth, convenient and compliant with electronic Form i-9 completion and remote documentation verification.

i9 in Person Verification

When someone presents an ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, in person to establish their identification, this is known as in-person identity verification. As long as the individual is physically there, a trained agent may carefully examine the ID and the person’s appearance, making this one of the most secure means of verification.

i9 Employment Verification

The i9 form is crucial for demonstrating eligibility to work in the US. Employers use it to confirm a worker’s legitimacy and identity. The procedure is given crucial validity by having the documents notarized. An objective notary public attests to the validity of the applicant’s documents and signature. By taking this extra step, fraud is prevented, and systemic confidence is increased. Employers are prevented from recruiting illegal staff via notarization.

Additionally, it protects applicants against identity fraud. Overall, notary verification adds credibility to job papers and i-9 forms. This guarantees a just and legal recruiting procedure for both businesses and employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Both employers and employees are legally responsible for completing Form I-9. The employee must attest to their employment authorization while presenting their employer with satisfactory documents showing their identity and employment authorization.

Employers must verify the employees’ identity and employment authorization. They must complete and retain I-9 Form. They are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their national origin or citizenship.

Completing a Form I-9 within three days of hire is mandatory. Otherwise, employers have to pay fines of $110 to over $1000 per employee. Employers not using the federal E-Verify program to verify their employees’ employment authorization within three days of hire may lose eligibility for prospective Federal contracts.

In light of the federal regulations, employers are responsible for retaining a Form I-9 for each employee they hire for three years after the hiring date or one year after the end of the employment date, whichever is later.

Remote I-9 verification is the most convenient or best process to set up the notarization. In this process the employees are able to complete Section 1 and email along with the copies of acceptable documents. The employer then fills up Section 2 with the papers received, signs the form, and emails or sends it back. 

It’s necessary for employers or employees to keep the copy document to complete I-9. 

Video conferencing can also be used for identity verification. The key is that the employer must physically examine the employee’s documents. With remote work increasing, I-9 verification can easily be adapted for a remote onboarding process. 

The USCIS issues this document to individuals, allowing them to work in the U.S. Foreign nationals may also have the eligibility to ask for employment authorization.

Yes! Our I-9 online verification service in Oregon is reliable and ensures the fastest delivery of documents. We have been operating for many years, and companies prefer our services for quick service delivery.

We use the technology used by only our authorized people. It also saves documents directly to our sophisticated software without any risk of external interference.

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There are two options for employees to show the evidence for authorization: one is unexpired passport or a passport card.

While employees can show their actual passport, employers cannot make photocopies of a passport for I-9 purposes. They can however photocopy a passport card.

If the employee presents a passport card instead, the employer can and should make a photocopy of the passport card to keep with the I-9 records. They should also record the details from the card on the I-9.