How to Check FBI Apostille Background Check?

FBI Background Check Apostille

An FBI Background Check is a report summarizing an individual’s criminal history. It is often required for international adoption, court cases, correcting inaccurate records, or for living or working abroad. 

You can request an FBI Background Check electronically, by mail, or through an approved FBI Channeler. The check can be digital or hardcopy. Note they are only valid for 6 months.

For use in Abroad, an FBI Background Check needs an apostille stamp from the Pac Signing Notary. This certifies the document’s authenticity. 

To get an apostille FBI Background Check:

  • Order apostille service on This handles the legalization process.
  • Get the digital FBI Background Check done at our local office.
  • Pac Starts the apostille process for the country of your request. 

As FBI document experts, we smoothly handle apostilles for clients worldwide. Our experience and location allow us to quickly process applications that would normally require time and expertise.

Besides FBI Background Checks, we also provide apostille services for many personal and corporate documents from Oregon state. This includes birth certificates, diplomas, patents, notarizations, and more. We take pride in simplifying the complicated apostille process for our clients.