How to Apostille Adoption Documents?

How to Apostille Adoption Documents?

Authenticating or Apostille adoption documents is crucial for international adoptions to be valid overseas. The process varies based on if the destination country is part of the Hague Convention.

Proper authentication ensures the overseas adoption will be valid. Contact my website for assistance with online notarization and document preparation for the authentication process.

The Documents required in intercountry adoption may include the below, and most of them need to be notarized and apostilled or authenticated.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marital status statement: Marriage Certificate, Divorce or Death Certificate, Statement of Single Status
  • Verification of Employment, Bank Statements
  • Medical Letters
  • FBI Background Check
  • Home Study Report
  • Power of Attorneys.

The document for apostille must be an original or certified copy of a public document like a birth certificate or adoption decree. It must be issued by the appropriate government authority in the country.

For an adoption, the adoption documents need to be certified by the Pac Signing

Each member country has an authority that can issue apostilles. In the State of Oregon., this is done by the PacSigning that issued the document. 

Make sure you follow any specific requirements of the country you need the apostille. For example, they may require additional translations or certifications. 

Send the certified and apostilled adoption documents to the PacSigning through in Person or Mail. We allow them to verify the validity.