What is a Traveling Notary : Everything You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Traveling Notary Services

A traveling notary, also known as a certified mobile notary, is a notary public who goes to locations to perform notarial acts for clients rather than requiring clients to come to the notary’s office. Traveling notaries provide a convenient service for people who need documents notarized but are unable to travel. 

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what is a traveling notary:

A traveling notary, also known as a mobile notary, is a notary public who goes to locations to perform notarial acts for clients rather than requiring clients to come to the notary’s office. Traveling notaries provide a convenient service for people who need documents notarized but are unable to travel. 

Traveling Notary Duties & Services:

The main duty of a traveling notary is to witness the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the person signing. Some of the common documents that a traveling notary may be asked to notarize include 

  • Real estate deeds
  • Trust agreements
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Affidavits

Beyond notarizing documents, many traveling notaries also offer additional services such as document preparation, fingerprinting, weddings, and apostille/authentication services.

A key service traveling notaries provide is coming to their client’s location to notarize documents. They will meet a client at their home, office, hospital room, or other preferred location. This spares the client the time and difficulty of finding a notary office and traveling there. It’s especially helpful for elderly, disabled, or hospitalized clients unable to travel easily.

Traveling notaries bring all the supplies and documentation needed to provide notary services on the spot. This includes their notary seal or stamp, notarial certificates, journal of notarial acts, and reference materials if needed. They will also bring photo identification to verify their client’s identity. 

Benefits of Traveling Notaries

Convenience for Clients

Perhaps the most significant advantage of traveling notaries is the convenience they offer to clients. Instead of requiring individuals to visit a fixed location during regular business hours, traveling notaries bring their services to the client’s doorstep, saving time and reducing stress.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Traveling notaries often operate outside traditional business hours and on weekends, accommodating the busy schedules of clients. This flexibility makes their services more accessible and ensures that crucial documents can be notarized at a time that suits everyone involved.

Accessibility in Rural Areas

In rural or underserved areas where access to notarial services may be limited, traveling notaries play a vital role in bridging the gap. By reaching remote locations, they contribute to increased accessibility to legal services for residents of these areas.

Efficient Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions often involve time-sensitive documents that require notarization. Traveling notaries streamline this process by meeting clients at the location of their choosing, facilitating smoother and more efficient real estate transactions.

Reducing Stress in Legal Matters

Legal matters can be stressful, and traveling notaries aim to alleviate some of that stress by providing a more relaxed and convenient notarization experience. This can be especially beneficial in situations such as estate planning or power of attorney documentation.

The Role of Traveling Notaries

Mobile Notary Services

Traveling notaries, also known as mobile notaries, offer a range of services similar to their stationary counterparts. They can authenticate signatures, administer oaths, and verify the identities of individuals involved in legal transactions. The key difference is their ability to do so at a location chosen by the client.

Specializations and Expertise

Traveling notaries often specialize in particular areas such as real estate, legal, or financial transactions. This specialization allows them to develop expertise in specific types of documents, ensuring a high level of accuracy and efficiency in their services.

Notarizing Various Documents

Whether it’s real estate documents, wills, powers of attorney, or other legal papers, traveling notaries have the knowledge and authority to notarize a wide array of documents. This flexibility makes them indispensable for individuals and businesses seeking convenient notarial services.

How to find a reputable and reliable traveling notary service

For travelers needing notary services, finding a reputable and reliable service can be a challenging task. A good place to start is by asking friends or family members who have had a positive experience. Additionally, online reviews are an invaluable resource in this search, so look for customer feedback that reflects customer satisfaction.

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In addition to finding reviews and making personal inquiries, take the time to ask prospective notary services about their credentials and any additional training they may have received such as certifications from the National Notary Association or The American Society of Notaries. Ultimately, performing due diligence on your research will ensure you find the most reputable and reliable traveling notary service for your needs.

The Process of Becoming a Traveling Notary

Educational Requirements

To become a notary public, candidates typically need to meet specific educational requirements set by their state. These requirements may include completing a notary education course, passing an exam, and submitting an application.

State-Specific Regulations

Each state in the U.S. has its own set of regulations governing notaries, and the process of becoming a traveling notary may vary accordingly. It’s crucial for aspiring notaries to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of the state in which they intend to practice.

Notary Training Programs

Many notaries undergo training programs to enhance their knowledge of notarial laws, procedures, and ethical considerations. These programs may be offered by government agencies, private institutions, or professional organizations.

Obtaining Notary Supplies

Once officially commissioned, a notary needs to acquire the necessary supplies, including a notary stamp, seal, and a notary journal. These tools are essential for performing notarial acts and maintaining accurate records.

Background Check and Bonding

In addition to education and training, notary applicants often undergo a background check to ensure they meet the ethical and legal standards required for the role. Some states also require notaries to obtain a surety bond as a form of insurance to protect the public.

State Requirements For Travel Notaries:

Traveling notaries must meet the same licensing and educational requirements as any notary in their state. This includes passing a notary exam, undergoing a background check, and maintaining a notary bond. They must keep current on any updates to state notary laws and regulations. 

Most states allow notaries to travel to clients to provide mobile services. However, some states prohibit charging an additional travel fee beyond the standard notary fees. Traveling notaries must be aware of and comply with any restrictions that their state has on mobile notary practices.


If you are in need of notary services, using a traveling notary service can be a great option. There are many benefits to using a traveling notary service, including convenience and flexibility. It is important to find a reputable and reliable traveling notary service, and to know what to expect when working with one. By following the tips by PAC Signing Notary in this blog post, you can ensure that you have a positive experience with your chosen traveling notary service.