Getting Passport Photos and Using PacSigning Notary

Getting Passport Photos

Applying for a passport can be an exciting yet stressful process, especially when it is your first time. Two key steps in the passport application process are getting passport photos taken and having your application signed in front of a notary public. 

Getting Your Passport Photos:

Passport photos have strict requirements, so it’s essential to go to an authorized passport photo service. We can take your passport photos here and also get them notarized so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can get everything done in one place on PacSigning.

  • Bring a printed copy of the photo requirements. Different countries have specific size, pose, and print requirements. Bringing the requirements ensures your photos meet all regulations.
  • There are strict rules about facial expression, head position, and distance from the camera. Following the guidelines of PacSigning it helps you to avoid any chance of rejection. 
  • Come with clean, uncovered hair. Hats and head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons. Make sure your hair is styled off your face as well.
  • Glare from glasses can cause rejection, and jewelry is also prohibited.
With the proper preparation, your passport photos will turn out perfectly on the first try. We take passport photos here and guarantee they’ll meet all requirements.

Getting Your Passport Application Notarized:

For passport applications is getting your photos signed in front of an authorized notary public. This verifies your identity and that you are the one applying for the passport. Here are some steps you must follow.

  • You need to sign your passport application in front of the notary. This is done after your photos are attached to the application.
  • Also need to provide a valid ID. A driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID provides proof of your identity. 
  • The notary will watch you sign your passport application and photos. You sign using black ink only. 
  • The Pac Signing notary will then stamp the application with an official seal. This verifies that they witnessed you signing the documents.
  • There is usually a small fee for notarization services, But mostly the fees depending upon notary. 

Applying for a passport is easy when you know what to expect. Come get your official passport photos taken and your application notarized at our office.