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On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting Services In Portland, Oregon

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The Need For Fingerprinting Services

Notarization is the necessary boon for all your legal documentation and verification needs. From background checks to property deals to traveling needs – the services are relevant everywhere. With the growing number of frauds and malpractices, notary and fingerprinting services are now more important than ever. If you are looking for the right fingerprinting and notary services in Oregon, then call Pac Signing Notary right away.

We Make Sure That You Get:

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Reasons Why Fingerprinting Service Is Necessary



With the help of digital and manual fingerprinting, the documents become verified and authentic easily. This is especially required to prevent forgery.


Proper Verification

Improper verifications make people lose millions each year. We don’t want you to be amongst the victims. With our fingerprinting services, you can be sure that everything is verified properly.


No-More Forgery

Forging signatures and documents is a thing, which can be surely avoided with the help of fingerprinting services.



Anything can be copied, except a fingerprint, as everyone has a unique fingerprint. So, with the help of our fingerprinting services, there won’t be any security concerns.

Proven Physical Presence

To verify that the individual was physically present at the time the paperwork was signed.


Help In Background Check

With the help of fingerprinting services, you can show that you have a clear criminal record.

The Need For A Notary

Why Shouldn’t You Make Deals Without A Notary Public?

To say the truth, it’s not legally binding for you to have your contracts and agreements notarized. You can very much sign any paper out of your will and move forward. Then why is there a need for a notary and fingerprinting service anyway?

Here’s the answer to the above-mentioned question – you need such services to verify the documents for you. A notary public is someone authorized by the government to verify the necessary documents and identities of the involved parties.

Without a notary involved, you expose yourself to risks of fraud and harmful activities. There are some instances where notary services are required as a mandatory procedure. For instance, when you are traveling, you’ll need to have the necessary documents verified.

But for all the other instances, it is always better to have a notary by your side to give you the necessary go-ahead that all the documents are original and verified. A notary public doesn’t get to decide the terms of the agreement. They are just there to verify the documents for you.

That way, you can be sure that you aren’t signing anything fake or that you are not getting honey potted into some fraudulent activity. To sum it up, it is always better to sign up the legal documents in the presence of a notary public.

A person do a notary
fingerprinting scanning process

Everyone Has A Unique Identity

The Importance Of On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting Services

When they say that God works in mysterious ways, it truly stands true. While the statement may not show much evidence in routine situations of life, it truly stands right in the case of fingerprints. There are billions of people on the earth, and no two people have the same fingerprints. This is fascinating to think about but also a truly reliable method to verify someone’s identity.

That’s the reason why fingerprint verification is still one of the most trusted methods of identity verification. Even though there are so many identity verification methods available, fingerprints are still hard to beat. Simply because each individual has unique prints.

With the help of fingerprints, you can get access to the true information of a person. This easily reduces the risks of identity theft and impersonation acts. People don’t necessarily always have the best intentions. There are sadly a lot of people who are willing to harm others for their own good. These services are frequently availed by law enforcement agencies to see whether a person has a clear criminal record or not.

Posing to be someone else is a common form of trickery to carry out frauds. The risk for such malpractices can be avoided with the help of fingerprinting services. Availing this service has become common among employers, real estate companies and other businesses on a regular basis.

With the help of fingerprinting, you can have an authentic background investigations service in Portland, Oregon. With fingerprints, you can be sure that you get the information and background of the right person.

Pac Signing Notary also offers a convenient mobile fingerprinting service, which can help you to avoid the hassle of coming to our office.


Pac Signing Notary - Your Ideal Choice For Fingerprinting Services

With many fingerprinting and notary services in the market, you may think that what is it that makes us different. Well, you stand right to want to know more about and here we shall tell you why we are the right service for you.

There are several reasons that make us the right service. Here are the top 3:

Trained Experts

We only keep the best resources in our team. Choosing us means that you get to work with the best.


On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting

Come to us if you want. If you can’t, then you can call us at your place for the notary service’s needs. Anything works well for us.



We always provide the most accurate results. That’s the reason why we are trusted by thousands of our esteemed clients.

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