Certificate Of Naturalization

Certificate Of Naturalization

The Certificate of Naturalization is a document issued by the U.S. government that proves an individual’s citizenship status. To authenticate this federal document for use internationally, you need to follow a specific process:

  • Contact your local USCIS office to obtain a certified copy of the certificate. This establishes it as an official document. 
  • Send the certified copy for PacSigning apostille services or authentication, depending on the destination country. 

For Hague Apostille countries, use our apostille service to get an apostille certificate attached. 

For non-Hague countries, a multi-step authentication process is required involving the U.S. Department of State and the destination country’s embassy.

Specialized services are available to handle the apostille or authentication process for you. This involves you mailing them the certified copy of the certificate, and they take care of contacting the correct government agencies to complete the authentication. The processed document is then returned to you.

Proper authentication of the Certificate of Naturalization requires obtaining a certified copy and using apostille services or multi-agency authentication.