Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Notary Service

Mobile Notary Service

You require a notary service because you have important documents that you need to get verified. That is good because, without notarization, things can become complicated. And oftentimes, even fraud can occur if you don’t take the necessary precautions. But availing the services of a notary can come with its own hassles, especially if you are busy and don’t have the time to go to a notary service. In that case, you can look towards a simpler and more efficient option to get things done. 

This is where a mobile notary service becomes convenient. And Pac Signing is the premier mobile notary service in Oregon. So, if you are looking for a notary in Hillsboro, Oregon or other nearby areas, you can rely on us. 

Here’s Why You Should Hire A Mobile Notary Signing Company

Efficiency In Deals & Contracts

Getting around can be a hassle these days. And if you don’t have time because you are busy at work or in an emergency, then driving down to a notary service can become very difficult. In this case, you can rely on our mobile notary service to send a notary public down to wherever you are, whether it’s your office, home, or even the hospital. Our notary services have no problem molding their schedule to adhere to yours. And we also offer our services on the weekends too. So, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to find a notary public to notarize your documents on the weekend. 


We have designed our mobile notarization services in a way that our clients don’t have to wait around. Our notary public are available on request, and you can be sure that they will be more than willing to travel to your given location. If you live in an area that doesn’t have that many notary public around you, then you can especially take advantage of our mobile notarization service. You won’t have to go out in search of a mobile notary when you can have one at your doorstep after booking online.  

Simple Planning 

Certain documents require that during the notarization process, both or all parties involved in the deal must be present. But that can become a problem when you have to arrange a time and date for all parties involved to go to a notarization service. Instead, if you happen to have all parties under one roof wherever you are, then you can just call a certified mobile notary service for your convenience. That way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of matching schedules just for a trip down to a notary public. 

Reasonable Cost

You might think that since the notary has to travel to you, the service would cost more than you travelling to them. But you should also consider the fact that your time and your own transportation costs are saved by a huge margin too. In that regard, the cost of hiring a mobile notary is more than justified. Mobile notarization services also usually have a flat and very affordable fee. This should further relieve any worries you might have about the cost of hiring a mobile notary.  

Prevent Fraud

If the notary comes to you, then they will be able to analyze the environment better. The main job of a notary is to authenticate documents to prevent any kind of fraud. And they will be able to do that much better if they come to you. They will understand the environment they are in, what kind of parties are involved, and go through the process of verification much more efficiently than usual. 


What is a mobile notary service, and how does it differ from a traditional notary?

A mobile notary service is a professional notary public who travels to your location, offering notarial services at your convenience. Unlike traditional notaries who often require you to visit their office, a mobile notary brings their services to your doorstep. This flexibility is especially beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or mobility challenges.

  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Personalized Service

Why should I choose a mobile notary service over a traditional notary?

Opting for a mobile notary service over a traditional notary can offer several advantages tailored to your needs.

  • Time Efficiency
  • Document Security
  • Cost-Effective

Are mobile notary services legally binding, and do they hold the same validity as traditional notarizations?

Yes, mobile notary services are legally binding, and the notarized documents hold the same validity as those notarized through traditional means.

  1. Legal Validity
  2. Recognition by Institutions
  3. Compliance with Regulations

What types of documents can be notarized by a mobile notary service?

Mobile notary services can notarize a wide range of documents, offering flexibility for various needs.

  1. Real Estate Documents:
    • Deeds, mortgages, and lease agreements can be notarized by a mobile notary, facilitating property transactions.
    • This is especially advantageous for busy individuals involved in real estate transactions.
  2. Legal and Financial Documents:
    • Wills, powers of attorney, and financial affidavits are examples of legal and financial documents that can be notarized by a mobile notary.
    • The convenience of mobile notary services is particularly beneficial for those handling sensitive legal matters.
  3. Business Documents:
    • Contracts, agreements, and business permits can be notarized at your location by a mobile notary.
    • This service is convenient for businesses, saving time and streamlining the notarization of essential documents.

To Wrap Up

So, what are you waiting for? Do you need documents notarized and verified but can’t make it out to a notarization service? It is no problem for a service like Pac Signing. We specialize in mobile notarization services. In fact, we are one of the best notary signing companies in Oregon. We also offer general notarization services, I-9 verification, fingerprinting, and other services.

So, if you need documents verified, contact us today, and we will send out a mobile notary public to your location. And you can get everything done from the comfort of your home or office.