Notary Services are a Boon for you!

Notary publics — or notaries public — officially witness signatures and certify documents by affixing an official seal. Their potential client base includes realtors, insurance brokers, lenders, auto dealerships, law offices, healthcare providers, and private individuals. Some notaries are employed in business offices; others work from a home office or provide mobile notary services. A mobile notary public travels to the client’s location at a time convenient for the client. Many mobile notaries are available on weekends and evening hours.

Getting a notary for your documents can make all the difference when it comes to knowing that your transaction will be conducted the right way. But, it isn’t always easy to get a notary to your home on short notice. And if it’s after hours or on the weekend, you may not be able to go to your local bank or another location to find a notary to help you.  This is where mobile notary services step in. Mobile notary publics travel to you and offer easy, convenient, and hassle-free notary services.

Notary publics are appointed by the State government, e.g., Secretary of State, Governor, or Lieutenant Governor. In some cases, they may also be appointed by the State Legislature. Their job is to act as witnesses to the signing process of different legal documents. Notary publics ensure that they verify appropriate ID to ensure that they help prevent fraud. Notary publics are not legal advisers.

Mobile notaries add an edge to how you transact. They come to meet you at airports, golf courses, hospitals, and coffee shops and help sign documents while you are on the move. Notary publics are available both during business hours and after-hours, on weekends, and holidays. Mobile notaries help individuals and businesses with signing documents at any hour of the day.

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