Advantages Of Hiring A Notary Public For I-9 Form Verification

Running a business or an organization is a big deal. And you have to make sure that everything is running smoothly for the prosperity and progress of said business or organization. And there are many facets of the organization that need to be adequately maintained. The management and financial side are very important in that regard. But there is also another side that is overlooked. With the diversity of the US, chances are you have someone working for you who is not a citizen of the country.

Either way, you have to ensure that the people you’ve hired for your organization are legally allowed to work in the US. The best way to ensure that is to fill out the I-9 Employee Verification form, which checks the legal and professional status of a person residing within the US.

But that task is tedious for most employers as it means they have to sit down and enter the individual information of every employee they hire into the system and verify their employment status one by one. That becomes a hassle in more ways than one. So, here are some great advantages of hiring an I-9 verification notary public:

Advantages Of Hiring A Notary Public For I-9 Form Verification

1.     Time Management

They say time is money, and that is certainly true for businesses. The more time you have, the more you can spend on growing your business and coming up with new ideas. But when you are bogged down with the task of verifying so many I-9 forms, it can take a disproportionate amount of your time.

That is where you can rely on a public notary service. They will take all the forms that need verification and do it for you. This way, your time can be spent as efficiently and simply as possible. On the other hand, the notary public will handle all the verification and make sure that your organization is as protected as possible.

2.     No Stress

One of the biggest issues that anyone has with running a business or an organization is the stress that they’re under. Even when a business is running smoothly, there are a hundred and one things to contend with. But that can become difficult when you also have the burden of I-9 forms hanging over you. Not only does it affect your overall performance, but it also stresses you out, which can have a detrimental effect on your health. Instead, get rid of the worries of stress and shift the load to a notary public.

3.     Money

It takes resources to do anything. And if you are thinking about hiring an in-house team for the verification of these I-9 forms, then you should reconsider. It will surely be a drain on your financial resources. The money you spend on hiring an in-house team to deal with issues like this could be used in a better way elsewhere.

By hiring a notary public service like Pac Signing, not only do you shift the load off of yourself, but you get your work done at a fraction of the price that it would take for you to hire an in-house team to do everything.

To Wrap Up

So, with the advantages we’ve listed above, it seems like a no-brainer. If your organization has a need for I-9 form verification, you can contact us today. You can shift the load onto our notary publics while you focus on other important issues. The best I-9 notary onlineis Pac Signing, so call today!